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Who We Are


Welcome to Reata BBQ! Real Texas BBQ Delivered to your Office or Event!

The name Reata comes from the film Giant, starring Rock Hudson, Liz Taylor and James Dean. Reata is the ranch that James Dean aspires to have a piece of as his own little “Heaven”. Being from Texas, I found a lack of the kind of BBQ that I was born and raised on, so I am bringing it to you.

My meats are Smoked with hard woods such as Mesquite, Cherry and Applewood to name a few. It’s a slow process, and often takes from 18 to 24 hours to get the proper smoke ring, and flavor while maintaining the most moist and delicious product this side of the Red River. Everything is done from scratch, and from a passion deep inside. So whether you crave succulent pulled pork, or mouth watering beef brisket….we got something that’ll tickle that craving. The big difference with Texas BBQ is the dry rub and smoking process. You will surely taste the difference!

We started catering to offices about a year back, but the demand required a more permanent solution, which still gives us the ability to be mobile for special events, such as weddings, fairs, breweries and vineyards.

Note: Our business is mobile, and as such we have a very differnt schedule during the high season. We try to maintain a regular location, however events, parties and festivals make this mobile kitchen spend a lot of time on the road, so call ahead to find out where we are!

If you are going to be out down Rt. 15, and want something to go. Let us know, and we can arrange to have it ready to pick up from our mobile location and deliver to a limited area if needed.

I will be posting here, Facebook and Twitter to let you know what locations I will be at during the day / week. If you would like to have me come out, and serve up some Texas Style lunch, contact me and let me know so I can put you on my schedule. Or, if you have a corporate event, wedding or party, well, I can handle that too!

I am very excited to hear from ya’ll, and hope that you’ll give us a try! You can contact me on the contact page, or give me a ring. Larger orders (A la carte and catering will require some advanced notice, so keep that in mind!)

OH, and by the way, I now accept cash and credit!

Thanks ya’ll!
~Damon Ross

©2015 •Reata BBQ


Catering Menu Options

We make everything from scratch!

From our Rubs, to our sauces and sides, everything is made from scratch. We only believe in using the freshest ingredients, and taking the time to do it right. Contact us in advance if you have a large order! We have had plenty of sell out days, but if we know in advance, we can have it piping hot and ready to go!

©2015 • Reata BBQ

About Us

Damon and Lee Anne Ross both hail from the Lone Star State of Texas.

Damon was raised in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and started doing BBQ and Chili competitions with his dad when he was 8 years old. After coming to the DC area to work in Government contracts, Damon pursued his dream of going out on his own, and taking the role of a Restauranteur with his lovely wife, Lee Anne. Together, they have developed a unique and varied blend of rubs and sauces that compliment the lengthy smoking process.

Lee Anne hails from Amarillo, Texas. Also having worked in Government contracts, she decided to follow her husband on this adventure, in order to spend more time with the family, and do what they both loved doing....COOKING!

While traveling, they have picked up several tricks of the trade which they are excited to share with those looking to try Real Texas BBQ.

©2015 • Reata BBQ

Hours and Contact info

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NOTICE: We can most often be found throughout the month at the Old 690 Brewing Company in Purcelville, Va. and at The Old Ox Brewery in Ashburn, Va. - Due to the High Volume, please check out our Facebook page to find where we will be, as we update that regularly! Since we do a number of special events, locations and times will vary.

Visit our Facebook Page below for event and location information as well as booking us for your catering needs and events.



Twitter: @ReataBBQ


Call ahead for times and locations, until we can resume normal operation at a new location.